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Complete Basic SEO Guide for 2021

Chances are that before you ever spend your money, you Google a few questions about a problem or product. Have you ever wondered how it is that Google (and other search engines) rank web pages after you click the magnifying glass icon?    Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most discussed digital marketing

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Government Surveilance and Consumer Data Privacy Law – Why It Matters to Marketers

Consumers everywhere want to know, Who’s sharing my information? Recent trends in government surveillance and consumer data privacy have produced more than a few ethical dilemmas for tech companies and marketers. Today’s digital marketing tools offer some of the most advanced and specific consumer information in the history of marketing and business. But the availability

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What is the Buyer’s Journey and How Do You Track It?

Are you getting tired of hearing digital marketers throw around the phrase “buyer’s journey”? It’s true – the concept has become something of a fad in marketing circles.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a powerful framework that can help you understand your marketing. In fact, business owners that know what the buyer’s journey

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What is a Click-Thru-Rate (CTR)?

What is a Click-Thru Rate? If you can’t tell if your marketing is working, then you might be wasting your money. Thankfully, marketers are advancing the field of analytics where it’s possible to know whether or not your marketing is effective. Marketing in the 21st Century is predominantly digital marketing. And in digital marketing, one

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Small Business Advertising that Works

Have you tried advertising and been burned? If so, you’re like most business owners. In fact, identifying small business advertising that works begins by understanding what doesn’t work. If you haven’t run an ad that’s failed, then you probably haven’t done much advertising. Like any important task, one learns advertising by trial-and-error. Nothing works for

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Inbound MARKETING VS Outbound Marketing – What’s the Difference?

Before you can have a race, you need to determine the course and mark the finish line.  In the race between inbound marketing versus outbound marketing, it’s critical to establish what your business wants to accomplish. As the saying goes, “Everyone has a horse in the race.” In the context of marketing, some are betting

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Marketing Analytics Basics: A Beginner’s Guide

When it comes to marketing analytics, one can easily get lost in the weeds of hundreds of different metrics. For the purpose of this beginner’s guide, we will define marketing analytics and then provide a high-level overview of why it’s important to your business. What is Marketing Analytics? Marketing analytics is any effort devoted to

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What are Calls to Action (CTA) and How Do You Use Them

Marketing tragedy is often born from poor Call To Action (CTA) strategy.  Nothing is worse for a marketer than to learn that customers were ready to move forward but lacked clarity on what to do next.  Some struggle to incorporate calls to action because they feel insecure about asking prospects to commit. Others simply have

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Effective LinkedIn Marketing for B2B

LinkedIn has proven to be a very effective channel for promotion and advertising when engaging in social media marketing for B2B businesses, . Haven’t thought of LinkedIn as being an advertising platform for your company?  It has a number of very unique advantages.  LinkedIn Marketing Solutions might just be the perfect channel for you to reach new

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